4.6L Oil Seperator Install



There is a problem with the 4.6L and I would imagine just about any other engine.

The PCV system pulls atomized oil into the intake to burn it during the combustion cycle.

Normally this would not be a problem and how much it is can be debated.

But the results are shown below and I cannot see how this can be a good thing in any way.

So how do I correct this?

Let me first give credit where credit is due.

Steeda makes a nice little kit to do the same as I am doing here.

A PCV Oil Separator kit.

But myself being the cheap bastard I am saw this and said:

"I can do that"

So here we begin...

The pic below is of the CMCV plates during a delete job.

As you can see the oil has burned and could eventually gum up the CMCV's on my S-197 4.6L.

Either way that's a lot of crap I don't need in my intake system.

So let me start out by gathering what I think I might need.

Below I have a Husky Compressed air filter (5 Micron) from the local hardware store, 4 ft of 1/2" heater hose,

two brass 1/4" X 2" nipples, and four screw clamps.

Total cost $24.00.


Below is the stock setup installed and removed.

Now Steeda remotely mounts this but since I am dealing with a stock setup air filter I don't have the room

to mount this anywhere convenient. The choice is yours.

Also with my setup I don't need to manufacture a mount for the filter.

So I decided to take the in-line approach.

I also found I did not need the second nipple or all the hose.

Ahh the cost of R&D...

Anyway I cut one of the nipples in half and put them into the filter.

Remember the filter flow is towards the intake.

Make sure you put your filter arrow pointing to the intake side.

Here is the installed filter and hoses in the position I chose.

I did add an Adel Clamp (40 cents) to the hose and screwed it into the air box to keep the hose in place.

Also insure the loop back of the hose from the valve cover is enough as to not kink it.

And here is another view of the filter itself.

Plenty of room to unscrew the bowl now and then and dump out the collected oil.

Problem Solved.


Well what are you waiting for???

Get Er Done!!!!

Richard Sr (Ixtlan)


Many Thanks to Steeda and stlwagon and nbk13nw for the ideas and pointers.

UPDATE!!! 18 Nov 2006

Ok this is the last update I am doing to this item.
266 miles = 3/4 of one Tablespoon.
Measured vs Mileage.
It seems to have stabilized at that rate.

Spread that amount out in a pan and that's a lot of oil folks.