2005 Mustang Cabin Filter Replacement

(Also applies to other vehicles as most are similar)


A RatStang Exclusive



Ok I decided to replace my Cabin Filter.
Here it is:
Open Hood and remove two really cheap plastic screws (they are actually clips) that hold down the plastic cowl section on the passenger side.
No need to remove the cowl or wiper just lift the cowl section a bit.


Here you can see the filter in place

user posted image

Just tip the filter top forward and unlock and remove.

Here you see the filter removed.

Justuser posted image

Filter removed from another view.

user posted image

These are the Old and New Filters.

user posted image

Filter is in a plastic frame Here shown with removed and new filter installed.
The thing was Filthy with only 8000 mi.
Just replace and re-install.
Took about 10 minutes.
Cost of filter was $20 from Ford.
Too Easy, and now you know.


Richard Sr.