This article was written by Ninety2Pony over at UtahStangs.org and used with his permission.

Thanks for the great step by step!!!



ok.. so for months I've anguished over doing this.. But finally after a bit of research decided to venture out and just do it.. but during that research I still had questions on the procedure. So I documented everything on how I did it.. and here it is..

step 1.. Remove head lamp assemblies (this makes it a lot easier for pin placement).

step 2. Remove bumper stops for hood... they just pop out with a screw driver. Keep these local because you'll be needing them later.

step 3. Using a grinding drill bit, grind the edges of the hole where the hood bumper stops were.. (this is so you can get the pin in there and depending on which pin kit your using.. you might need to squeeze a nut in there as well).


step 4. For the frpp kit.. drop one of the nuts into this whole.. then reaching through the head lamp area center the nut.. push pin through hole and twist pin to catch threads on nut.. (for the moroso kit.. install pin then attach washer and nut on underside of second hole in frame.)

step 5. Tighten until you get close to estimated final height of pin (take your time here because if you misjudge now.. the holes in your hood will be off.)

step 6. Tighten both nuts now so they are firm and the pin will not move.

step 7. Using some type of paint to mark the very top of the pins and lower hood onto them.. let them sit for a minute to ensure a mark is left on the underside of the


step 8. Ensure back bone is still there (no turning back after this)

step 9. Using a very small drill bit drill out where the paint mark is.. this will help guide the larger bit to come. Start out super small and work your way up to about 5/16.

step 10. Using a progressive size drill bit.. start making the hole larger and and between sizes lower hood to ensure pin is lining up correctly still.

step 11. With the first hole large enough.. I would say close to 7/8ths .. and the pin able to successfully pass through.. mark the pins again (make sure whatever you use to mark the top of the pins is bright) I used white house paint. and now set the hood onto the pins again, sitting for a minute to mark the inside of the hood.

step 12. Tape the top of the hood where the pins and scratch guards are to be placed (this is so you don't chip your paint) **skipping this step will royally F up your paint)

step 13. Using the same smaller to larger theory from before drill a hole through the hood but only go up to the size before you use the progressive bit.

step 14. Using the progressive bit start drilling the hood from the outside.. go slow and keep lowering hood between sizes to ensure pin clearance.. You'll be over sizing this hole a bit anyway so don't be too timid.

step 15. Once the holes are drilled lower the hood all the way.. and with a little push latch it..

step 16. Now take the scratch guards and line them up.. be sure to make sure your hood is fully seated, and you know exactly how you want the fastening pins to go through the hood pins.. its not vital at this point to have them lined up, but you want to make sure that the holes for the scratch guard are not in the way of pin entry and exit.

step 17. With a sharpie or a fine point paint pen mark on the tape where the 4 holes are to be drilled.

step 18. Drill away.. moving smaller to larger (if you will be using rivets as I did, make sure not to drill over the size of the rivet... it needs to fit super snug in the hole)

step 19. Remove tape.

step 20. Install the scratch guard.

step 21. Adjust pins to desired height and fastening pin location.

step 22. Find the bumper stops.. cut a small square hole through the center using an razor knife.

step 23. Using some purchased washers shim the height of the bumpers .. of coarse you will need to install bumpers on pins by sliding them down the pin.. close hood see if the hood lines up with the side fenders and use the washers to shim accordingly.. my passenger side took a bunch while my drivers side only took one or two.

step 24. Close hood, install fastening pins.. and sit bank and think.. whoa I'm a bad mofo!!