1990 Ranger


This Project was a Re-Paint and repair of the Hood, Roof and Tailgate



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1990 Ford Ranger

This truck has seen some time for sure. Typical things you see on an older Ranger are as follows.

Tailgate has stickers that will need removal, as well as paint peeling from the decrative plate.

Rust is starting to develop under the tailgate protector. This is common because the water gets trapped under them.

A few dings and dents also. Truck is in pretty good shape considering it's age.

It also shows the everyday awe craps of a daily driver.

Here is the major problems. Paint fade and oxidation from the sun. Paints of this period offer some but not good protection from sun. The roof clearcoat has completly oxidized away and the base coat is well on its way also.

As you can see here the base is going fast and the seal coat is showing through.

Hood is in the same condition as the roof.

The sides look pretty good since the winter snows and water do not sit on them and the sun does not affect the sides as much as the upper surfaces. This project will not be repainting the entire vehical.

Here is the Tailgate with the protecter removed. The rust is mostly on the surface and will be removed with a little effort. However one spot had really taken hold.


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